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No, the quiz is hosted from our dedicated Wi-Fi so you don’t have to connect to the Internet after you have downloaded the app.

Visit the App Store from your smartphone or tablet and search for Speedquizzing Virtual Buzzer (it’s Free).

Nope!  No pens and no paper means that nobody has to write down the answers.

General knowledge questions throughout with no specialist rounds to alienate quizzers.  Mixture of questions including multiple choice, numbers, pictures, first letters and buzz-in.

Just 10 seconds to answer each question makes it virtually impossible to cheat.  No waiting around to hear the answer as they are revealed after every question.

Fastest correct answers get more points on a 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 sliding scale.  Each team chooses a buzzer sound to accompany their team, heard whenever they get the answer correct the fastest.

Bar Managers / Owners

According to the website How to Run a Pub the top reason why customers might come and fill your quiet nights is having a pub quiz!  Quizzes get people talking and this word of mouth advertising of your premises will encourage other people into your pub.

Quizzes cost less than DJs, Karaoke, Bands and generally have better customer loyalty.  Typically around £120 per quiz.

Quizzes are a great way of attracting potential customers into your pub so you can introduce new guests to the full extent of your food, drink and entertainment.  Quizzes help build repeat trade giving customers another reason to come in to your pub on nights when they might not ordinarily do so.  A quiz night will increase spend per head by influencing existing customers to spend more time in your pub.

The venue won’t need Wi-Fi or Internet as we bring our own dedicated network.

We actively promote our quizzes by using our own and third party websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  We encourage you to do the same and use our marketing cheat sheet and creative ideas emailed to your inbox.

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