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Welcome from the team at Smartfone Quiz…

Our quizmasters provide virtually uncheatable pub quizzes throughout Bristol, Somerset and Berkshire.

We do this by abandoning the traditional paper and pen part of a quiz in favour of a free App that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.  No pens and no paper means that nobody has to write down the answers, they simply press a button to answer.

Add a ten second time limit to each question and you’ll soon find out that our quiz nights are virtually impossible to cheat, therefore ensuring a level playing field for all quizzers.

Smartfone Quiz is dedicated to providing the best quizzing experience to our guests.  Helping players to enjoy quizzing without cheating and helping bars and pubs to increase their turnover by providing a quizzing destination.

How to Play…

Invite your mates – we recommend up to 6 players per team.

Grab your phone – one smartphone or tablet required per team (Apple, Android, Amazon Fire).

Download the free app – search the App Store for SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer.

Press CONNECT to login to the game.


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